Deter Pests with a New Coat of Paint

Did you know that paint can be used to keep pests away from your home? If you have ever sat on your patio and talked with friends while swatting away mosquitoes, you know how bothersome they can be. Birds, bugs and mosquitoes in particular can all be annoyances that are often solved better with paint than with chemical sprays. Those sprays can be unsafe for your home, pets and family, and a new paint job can be every bit as effective.

There are certain colors that birds and insects will be attracted to. There are also colors that they will stay away from, and if you know what colors to use, you can keep pests at bay without ever having to spray a chemical. First you have to know what kind of pests you want to deal with.

Bugs don’t like blue and green objects so much as they like red, orange and yellow. If you have the right colors on your house, then the bugs will stay away from it because it won’t be attractive to them. However, if you have your house painted in colors that remind them of flowers and their source of food, then they will come flocking to it. So, your best bet for dealing with most bugs is to use dim blues and greens. Browns and greys work well too.

Mosquitoes are their own category, because they react differently to closes than other pests do. Mosquitoes don’t like whites and yellows, and you have probably heard that bright colors repel then. If you are trying to avoid both mosquitoes and other bugs that are local to your area, then you should go with a bright white or faded yellow.

Birds love bright colors, since it reminds them of flowers. Even darker hues of blues and browns can be inviting to certain birds. They can be comfort colors to them, and while birds may not go there looking or old, they may try to find shelter in homes that are painted with these colors. One color the birds cannot stand is white, and that is probably your best bet across the board, if you want to avoid as many pests as possible. To a lot of animals, white means danger, and it leaves them exposed to predators, so painting your house in this color can do a great job of keeping the pests away.

If you already have a white house and the pests keep coming back, then you may need to give your home a fresh coat of paint or a washing. If the paint starts to fade or become dirty, then it can be far less effective. White houses are the hardest to keep looking clean and new, but they are also excellent pest deterrents.

Hopefully, these tips will allow you to deter pests at your home and have a more pleasant time outside, no matter what time of year it is and how heavy of a presence the birds and bugs may have in your area.