How Black Can Be Perfect for Interior Painting

Not a lot of people will use black when they are painting the inside our outside of their business or home. Sure, they may use it on the roof or some other exterior component of their building, but using it inside is often seen as a style mistake.

However, we want to show you a few ways that you can use black effectively indoors. Hopefully, this will give you a few ideas to use in your own home.

Interiors Doors
If you want a bold, statement door, then painting it in black is the perfect way to do that. You can leave the surrounding walls a lighter color to make it really stand out, and the black door can give your home a singular look. You can make it part of a larger motif, if you like, painting each door in black to color coordinate with light or white walls. This makes the doors very easy to see and draws attention to them without creating an overwhelming sensation by using too much black.

The key to using black inside is to use it sparingly, so we are only going to show you instances where you would do just that.

Molding and Trims
Another way to use black in a low-key but distinctive way is to paint all the molding and trim in your home with this color. You can create beautiful lines and borders through your home by covering the floor and ceiling molding with black.

You can also paint your windowsills and door frames with black to create beautiful frames throughout your home. The best way to make this work is to use a glossy finish. You are going to love the finished result.

Accent Walls
We do not recommend that you make all the walls in a room black, as that can be far too moody and dark for most people’s tastes. Instead, just go for painting a single wall in black, which creates what is known as an accent wall. This is ideal for bedrooms, where you paint the wall behind the head of the bed in a different color from the rest of the room. That creates a focal point and an accent, and black is great for that. It gives the room a unique mood and a sense of serenity and seriousness that you would not have without that accent wall.

Bathroom Fixtures
You can also use black in the bathroom, painting the windowsill, sink, counter top and other features in this moody color. This works great if you have lighter walls, and it makes the fixtures and features really stand out. That’s what using black is all about. You want to make a certain part of your home or of a room stand out and became a focal point, and black is the best color to do that with, particularly in homes where the majority of the walls, ceilings and floors are a light color.